Beet Art and its team are very involved with local and international art events. We organize some events ourselves and below you can find a list of our events as well as some other local events. The artists that are featured at these events are some of the greatest talents and you will often find hidden gems and up-and-coming artists that will blow your mind. If you enjoy art, you should definitely attend one of these events.

Tickets for all events are available on each event’s website.


New York July Art Festival

15 July to 20 July @Rockefeller Center

An art festival showcasing the best works of artists from around New York. Art mediums include photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, dance, and more.

Glens Falls Local Art Showcase

8 August @ Glens Falls High School

We go on a hunt for the most talented young artists in Glens Falls and its surrounding cities. High school children compete with different art media and it is showcased on 8 August. This showcase reveals great talent every year.

Photography and Digital Art Seminar

2 to 4 September @ New York Hotel

This is a great seminar for everyone interested in photography and digital art. The speakers are some of the best designers and photographers in New York and they have very valuable and helpful information to share.

Painting for the Soul

20 November @ New York Convention Center

This is a painting workshop for beginner and intermediate artists. Two wonderfully talented painters present this workshop and teach the basics of painting with watercolors and oil paints.