Improving Digital Illustrations: 5 Tips for Beginners

The world has gone digital and seems to do so more everyday. Many people are interested in graphic design, Photoshop, and other related tools. Some people believe digital art to be cheating or easier than traditional painting, for example. However, that is not really true. Creating art always requires some talent, understanding and a lot of practice. If you would like to improve your digital art, follow these simple tips.

1. Strengths versus Weaknesses

This is always a good place to start. Make a short list of things that you feel are strengths when it comes to art and design and which ones are weaknesses. For example, a strength can be good at using color while a weakness can be that you work slowly.

2. Identify Habits

Everyone has habits when it comes to drawing and design. Compare some of your old work and see if you can recognize things that you seem to always do. These are your habits. In order to create new and innovative designs, you need to vary your approach and what you do.

3. Research Videos and Tutorials

The Internet is filled with great videos and tutorials on how to create digital art. Artists and designers are sharing their secrets and processes for anyone to see. You can learn a lot from them and should make use of all this wonderful and readily available tips, advice, and information.

4. Plan Your Work

You will find that you work faster and more efficiently when you plan your work. If you know exactly what you want to do and where you want different images, you will be much better able to focus and get the work done the way you want it. Write a list of what you want to feature in your drawing or make a mind map with the main elements.

5. Use the Tools

If you are working in a program like Photoshop, you have a lot of different tools at your disposal. Use them to manipulate your image and make the colors pop or the contours smooth, etc.

It is going to be hard work and you will have to do it over and over again. The only way to get better is to keep trying, keep practicing, and keep improving your skills.