simcity builditHave you ever dreamed of being a mayor? Well Simcity buildit is the game intended for you. It is a wonderful game, where you get to build your city, right from scratch. It is all left to your creativity and imagination. You can download it at the app store for free, but later on you may have to make some small purchases for accessing added features and utilities such as sewage plants or factories. It is a perfect strategy game, where you have to use your skill and expertise to build a new city. This is undoubtedly one of the most played simulation games ever in the history of the gaming world. Ask any enthusiast and he will be bound to incline towards this awesome game. The goal of this game is to build a town or a city, by keeping up the demands of the citizen and at the same time maintaining an eye on the economics involved for the same. Slowly as your city starts becoming larger, the challenges get harder. The graphics are excellent as you can rotate the screen visuals to 360 degrees as you play the game.

Simcity buildit game onlinesimcity-buildit-disaster-vu-tower-small

Here is a brief about the simcity buildit review. This game can be played even be played by a novice and there is no prior training required in urban planning. Here before you build a house or a building, you have to manufacture the materials required in the industry. This process is easy in the beginning of the game, but as you proceed and slowly start levelling up, you may need more resources other than steel for the building. You can manage this by buying simcash. You can also purchase services such as help from a fire department. But this is only for a specified radius and in order to cater to more areas, you require Simoleans, which can be bought by paying real dollars. This is where the trouble starts as playing the game now leads to a hole in your pocket, unless you want your prized citizens struggle in a fire accident.

And yes, SImcity buildit does test your patience to the core. You are expected to wait for a long period of time, before you can use resources from the factories in order to upgrade the residential buildings. But on a final note, it is indeed a fun game that can keep you occupied for hours together. The fireworks show at the end of each building upgrade is a visual treat. You can zoom in to observe every single detail of your city, which is a major plus.