Welcome to Beet Art. This is an art and design blog that looks at all different types of art and shares information, special pieces, tips for improvement, and much more.

Art is part of life and it is an expression of things that cannot be said in words. For artists, their art is their language and their way of expressing their views, opinions, feelings, and struggles. Art is personal and art is powerful. It doesn’t matter whether your art is pencil drawings, sculpting or graphic design. Your art is part of who you are. Here at Beet Art, we understand that.

This blog was started by Mark McRae. He is a visual artist who does watercolor painting, sculpting, and photography. He is very passionate about art and loves to share information, experiences and tips that artists can use for inspiration or to hone their craft. He also has a great and very talented team of writers. Some are artists while others are just very good at writing about art.

You will find inspiration, support, amazing tips, and a whole community of people just like you, here at Beet Art.

We welcome all artists and aspiring artists to enjoy this blog and we also invite you to share your experiences and advice. For more information, contact us at info@beetart.com.